Auto and Brain Injury Products


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BodyMind Publications was created in 1993 as a publishing firm for newsletters and books for chiropractors and attorneys, and our materials have been purchased by thousands of professionals over the years. Here’s our current inventory of products that you can use to educate yourself about auto injury and brain injury. These are great for court preparation and many jurisdictions have allowed our images for use in court as demonstrative evidence. Here are our current products:

The Whiplash Expert Pack

This is one of our most popular packages of materials that includes everything you need to become an expert on whiplash injuries. This package also includes the following, which can be purchased separately:

The Brain Injury Expert Pack

Our very popular brain injury package includes these two products, which can also be purchased separately:

Auto Injuries PowerPoint presentation

Auto Injury DVDs

Recovering from Auto Injuries DVD

This 16-minute DVD covers what happens during a crash and how injury occurs.

A Tale of Two Crashes DVD

This popular video shows your clients or patients why injury occurs during a low-speed crash by using live crash footage.

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